The games protagonist, the Player character, the unlucky one tossed down the infinitely deep Pit.

Can punch while grounded and can throw stars downwards while airbourne, both dealing one damage.

Features white eyes when healthy. His eyes turn red when he is one hit from death.

Your HP is represented by the probability ticker in the middle of the screen.

HP Digits
5 6
4 5
3 Fluctuates between 3-4
2 Fluctuate between 2-3
1 1

At 2 HP, a faint siren is heard, which gets louder at 1 HP.

Every time enough experience has been gathered, a level-up line shows further down the pit. Once passed, it forces the player to choose a skill from the skill tree and heals 1 HP.

If you are hit into the level-up line or a heart pick-up on your last HP, you survive with 1 HP.