One of the three true gamemodes (i.e. not counting the Credits).

As you play Beginner mode and Expert mode, the Karma meter on the main menu fill up. This meter maxes out at "X" (10).

Please note that immediately after choosing Karma mode (i.e. when you can see the Skill tree), a Karma point is deducted from your Karma counter. Play other modes to keep your balance up.

When you select Karma mode, you are given one Skill point for each Karma point you have. These must be distributed to your skill tree before descending.

Enemies spawn in massive quantities, and tougher enemies show up almost immediately. You cannot get Experience in Karma mode; the skills you start with are all you get. The background is purple. Everything else is the same between Karma and Expert mode.

The final score is determined by how many pick-ups you collect before dying.