The parts from which the Endless Pit is made of.

  1. Full Blocks - Can only be destroyed with a relevant skill or by certain enemies.
  2. Contour Blocks - The Player can destroy them in one blow (or star), disregarding the level and skills. Slightly smaller than a Full Block vertically.
  3. Spike Blocks - Like a Full Block, but with red spikes that damage you on contact unless you have the relevant skill. Slightly smaller than a Full Block horizontally and vertically.
  4. Star Blocks - They look like full blocks, but with a star cut out from the middle, so the background can be seen through. Can be destroyed by firing 2 stars into it, or by anything that could destroy a full block. Drops a random pick-up when destroyed.
  5. Star Plant - a free-standing vine-like block, featuring a white pixel on the end of the stem. When touched, increases the star count of the player by one. Always resides above a full block; if the said block gets destroyed, the Star Plant block disappears.